Student Association Team


Sarah Kerr

I promise to support and represent your needs in the best way possible. I promise to be honest and work with integrity and without judgement. I have provided below some frequently asked Questions and Answers from our Centre. If you cant find what you are...

Vice Presidents

Weronika Fafinska

Hospitality and Communities

Karen McKeown

Childhood Practice and Sports and Fitness

Angela Reilly

Health and Social Care, Science and Social Science

Aaron Smith

Construction and Motor Vehicle

Amy Leah Henderson

Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing Centre

Lorna Reid

Business and Creative Centre

Lucas Martin

Computing and Engineering Centre

Student Association Development Officer


The Student Association has come such a long way since 2014. We have developed and grown into an Association which works hard to listen to your needs and support you whilst you are at College. We have introduced a Structure that works to meet your needs and ensures that you have a Voice and are represented. We work in partnership with the College to integrate process and develop new ways of working to benefit you.

We evaluate your needs through our Class Representative system, evaluating College surveys and speaking to you on a regular basis. Our door is always open and we value your feedback.

Your Student Association is made up from one full time paid Sabbatical President (A student taking a break from studies) and seven part time, paid Vice Presidents, all supported by your Student Association Development Officer. These roles, with the exception of the Student Association Development Officer, are all elected by you, on an annual basis to ensure you have the right people working on your behalf.

The Vice Presidents each work with Students within their Centre, ensuring that all students at West Lothian College are appropriately represented. Each Vice President assists students within their Centre with Class Representative elections, training and leads the Class Representative meetings.

Your Student Association team also sit on the College Board of Management and on a number of College Committees including; Learning and Teaching Committee; STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, engineering) and ICT Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Environmental and Sustainability Committee; Equalities Committee; Finance and General Purpose Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee, Health and Wellbeing Committee and Safeguarding to ensure that there is Student representation and input in all aspects of the College decision making processes.

Our President oversees all the work of the Vice Presidents and coordinates and manages Student Association process (supported by the Student Association Development Officer) to ensure that your needs as Students are met.

The Student Association wants to ensure that you, our Students have the best College experience possible. We want to support you during your time at College and also arrange a number of monthly events to provide you with knowledge, education and support on a range of relevant topics.

Please get in touch anytime!