Student Association Agreement

Student Association President/Vice Agreement

This agreement has been written by the Student Association, in line with its Constitution and code of conduct.   This agreement lays out the mutually agreed terms in which the Sabbatical President and Vice Presidents are expected to fulfil within their roles.

Failure to fulfil any of these agreed terms, in line with the Student Association Constitution and Code of Conduct may result in a vote of no confidence taking place, suspending or removing any or all of your rights, privileges and membership.

Holiday Entitlement:          Term Time holidays as per Student Academic Calendar

 Activities:  Please see role descriptions

Absence Reporting:  Please contact your Student Association President and Development Officer before 9.00am on the day of absence and subsequently every day after.

Please note that any absence may result in a reduction of monthly remuneration. As per student absence policy.

Remuneration:  Your remuneration will be processed by West Lothian College on the 28th of every month or Friday before in the event of a weekend/holiday.  Please note that you are not an employee of West Lothian College.

Responsibilities during your role


You will be expected to be courteous and respectful to other staff and students during your role.

 Health and Safety & Health and Wellbeing:

You must:-

  • Take reasonable care to avoid injury to yourself or to others
  • Report any accident or injury immediately and record the details as per West Lothian College Policy.
  • Ensure that you follow the West Lothian College Health and Safety Policy
  • Ensure that I look after my own Physical and Mental, Health and Wellbeing


You must not, at any time whether during or after your time in your role, disclose to a third party, any confidential information you obtain whilst in your role which is deemed of a confidential nature.

 IT Access:

You will be granted IT access during your time as SA President/Vice President.  You agree that you must follow and comply with West Lothian College IT Policy as you may be using their systems.


West Lothian College’s Public liability insurance policy covers those conducting Student Association and voluntary work.