Protocol for Elections

Eligibility: Who can run?

All current students are eligible to apply for the SA Positions on offer. We are not able to offer any roles to students who have not yet started with West Lothian College. In the case where elections have to be re-run due to a candidate withdrawal, they will also be available to current students as the re-election process will take place in August.

All paid roles must have appropriate role descriptions

Agreement must happen from the College to advertise the paid roles and funding appropriately in place

Please ensure you have changed the dates on all forms where appropriate.

All roles must be advertised to the entire student body through all channels available ie, College Plasma screens, Facebook, President, Vice President, Centre Ambassadors,  Class Ambassadors, email and Moodle.

Nomination Forms and Role Descriptions must be available for all students.

Students must nominate themselves by completing a nomination form and writing a statement all rules are on this form as attached.

Students will have 2 weeks to complete nomination forms and return to the Student Association Development Officer.

The Student Association Development Officer will meet with all candidates and explain the process

The Student Association Development Officer with work with the eLearning coordination to ensure that Moodle is correctly working and set up for the vote.

All statements will be imported onto Moodle for the candidates and verified as correct by the candidates prior to publishing.

Moodle vote will open for a period of 2 weeks, where candidates can campaign further and assist students with the voting process. However, they must not pressure students in any way

All students will be eligible to vote on Moodle using their matriculation number. This will ensure that the system is secure and can be monitored by the SA Development Officer to ensure compliance of the rules.

All students will have the chance to vote for 1x Vice President and 1x President having a total of 2 votes. Anyone who breaches these conditions will be removed from the voting process and or nomination if appropriate.

Votes will be counted by the SA Development Officer and verified by the eLearning coordinator who is an external source not linked to the SA.

The candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Candidates and those campaigning for candidates are not allowed to remove or deface campaign materials or criticise other candidates.  Campaigning should be done in a positive manner, supporting the Student Association and Students and not bringing the Student Association or College in disrepute.

The SA Development Officer will inform the Principal and the candidates, advising who has been elected and who hasn’t been successful based on the voting process.

Any candidates who have been elected and have to withdraw due to university/job offers will be accepted.

On this occasion there are two options:

To elect the candidate with the second amount of votes or

To re-run the elections. The decision will be based on the date of withdrawal. If the date of withdrawal is at a time where most students have dispersed from the college, the new elections will take place in August of the new academic year.