Student Association Elections

All positions within the Student Association are voted in by a democratic vote, meaning you choose who represents you on all aspects of College life.

The Student Association is bound by its Constitution. There are two types of elections that take place annually within the Student Association. Initial elections will take place within April-May every Academic year in order to elect the Student Association team for the following year.

These elections are open to all current students who have been at West Lothian College for one academic year. The positions available are; one full time Sabbatical Student Association President whose role will be to lead the Student Association, with the support of the Student Association Development Officer. In addition, we also seek seven Vice Presidents, one for each Academic Centre; Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing; Business and Creative; Childhood Practice Sports and Fitness; Computing and Engineering; Construction and Motor Vehicle, Health and Social Care, Science and Social Science and Hospitality and Communities. The Vice Presidents are paid positions and expected to work five hours per week in order to achieve Student Association priorities.

The second type of Elections is for Class Representatives and these are carried out towards the end of August and into September.

The Class Representative Elections are less formal but equally as important. Your Class will be asked to carry out this election with the support from your Centre Vice President and in some instances your lecturers.

This process of electing your own Class Representative provides your class with ownership on who represents their class. There may be a number of Students who are interested in the position and it is essential that your class take a fair approach on whom and how they elect their Representative. This may be though a secret ballot or may be hands up approach. All we ask is that the elections are fair, don’t discriminate and give everyone in your class an opportunity to have their say.

The purpose of the Class Representative is to represent your individual Class on matters relating to only learning and teaching (aspects of your course and study) and more information can be found in Class Representative section.

All positions within the Student Association are voted in by a democratic vote, meaning you choose who represent you on all aspects of College life.