Why are Class Ambassadors so important?

Why are Class Ambassadors so important?

The Class Ambassador system is an integral part of the Student Association and a vital way of listening to and communicating with all students.

The Class Ambassador System is there to improve your College experience.  You and your class are the experts within your course.  You know what is working well and what areas can be improved in order to make your College experience the best possible.

The Class Ambassador role, is one representative (Student) from your class who can listen to and collate the views of the entire class and communicate this with the Student Association, the representative from the class.

Class Ambassadors will work with the Centre Ambassador, President and Vice President  in order to communicate their Class experience in relation to Learning and Teaching (what happens in the Class Room).  This information will be relayed to Centres and Centre Management and fed into their improvement strategy where necessary.

We really want you to have a say in how you feel things are going, so please support your Class Ambassador.