Your Student Association

What does your Student Association Do?

The aim of the Student Association are to support and improve the way in which learners can impact their own learning and teaching; ensure there is appropriate and sufficient representation for all of our learners; ensure all learner views are listened to in an appropriate manner; implement plans and processes to ensure changes are made where appropriate; organise educational talks, workshops and events and provide an exceptional service which adds value to the Students and the College

“Our Mission is to use a holistic approach; listening to our student’s needs, offering continued support and representing their views, in order to enrich their overall College experience and feel valued members of our community.”

 The Student Association is bound by its Constitution.  There are two types of elections that take place annually within the Student Association.  Initial elections will take place within April-May every Academic year in order to elect the team for the following year.

All positions within the Student Association are voted in by a democratic vote, meaning you choose who represents you on all aspects of College life.