Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Awards

There are various awards that you can work towards in recognition of your volunteer contribution, but remember the biggest reward will be your own personal achievement and how you then use that to secure progression within education or employment.

West Lothian College Student Association Volunteer Awards

Celebrating and recognising your volunteering contribution whilst studying at West Lothian College

What is this?

West Lothian College wants to recognise and reward the commitment, contribution and achievements of students for the different amounts of volunteering they do whilst completing their programme of study.

West Lothian College Student Association Volunteer Awards help you to reflect on, capture and communicate your learning and development gained through your volunteer experience for progression to higher level study, university or employment.

There are four levels of achievement to work towards depending on the number of volunteer hours completed:

Bronze Certificate:  50 hours

Silver Certificate:  100 hours

Gold Certificate:  200 hours

Platinum Certificate:  500 hours


Who is it for?

 West Lothian College Student Association Volunteer Awards are for any student who has volunteered for the benefit of the college, the community or a good cause.  This should be free will activity out with organised student placements or any other organised work experience set up for you as part of your college programme.

What do you need to know?

 To help you to find a relevant volunteering experience you can visit our Student Association Volunteer Hub situated in the main building at the Student Association Office or log onto


To keep track and produce evidence of your volunteer hours log on to the Student Association website and print off the Volunteer Log and the Volunteer Reference Form.


Record all of your volunteer hours on the volunteer log sheet, including training and induction.

Ask your supervisor to sign your recorded hours each time you are in.

Receiving your certificate

 When you have completed the desired amount of hours for each level of award, submit your evidence to the Student Association Office.

Evidence requirements:

  • Completed and signed volunteer log
  • Completed reference
  • Headed letter from your organisation confirming your hours
  • Your address and programme of study

The Student Association will validate your evidence and you will receive your certificate through the post.

Existing students and existing hours

 Some students may already have volunteer hours from previous years of study at West Lothian College; this will be taken into account where evidence can be provided.


 If you need any other information please contact the Student Association by visiting their office in the street building or emailing:


In addition to our own awards you may wish to consider:

Duke of Edinburgh

Saltire Award

SQA Volunteering Skill Award

Youth Achievement Award

John Muir Award

For more information on these awards click the link to Volunteer Scotland or contact your local “Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian” in Bathgate:

Address: 36-40 North Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 4PP

Phone: 01506 650111

Website: http://www.voluntarysectorgateway.org/

Volunteer Scotland Awards: http://www.volunteerscotland.net/volunteer/awards-and-qualifications/