Preparing to Volunteer

What are my motives for Volunteering?

Volunteering has to be meaningful for you and can’t just simply be something that “ticks a box” as part of your College programme. Research shows that volunteering improves health, happiness and confidence as well as enhancing personal, communication and work related skills. In preparing to volunteer try to consider the following things; you might find it helpful to write your thoughts below the headings or use these headings to create a “mind map”. Research also shows that people who are clear of their goals and motives are more likely to succeed.

Personal motives:

  • Current qualities and skills you feel you could offer
  • Personal or work-related skills you would like to gain
  • Specific work experience opportunities that may be relevant to your programme
  • How will you use this experience for future progression within education or employment opportunities?


Useful Planning and Recording Documents

The following documents are designed to help you focus your volunteer work experience to your own needs as a student, and gather useful evidence for progression on to higher level studies or employment. You can download a number of documents in order to support you, which include;

Preparing to Volunteer
Volunteer Evidence Log
Volunteer Work Experience Reference

All documents can be found on Moodle by clicking this link https://moodle.west-lothian.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=639