We were shortlisted for a SPARQS (Student Partnership in Quality Scotland) Award for:

An initiative led by a Students’ Association in partnership with their College which has made the most impact on the enhancement of the student experience for our Volunteering Project ~ 

Our Volunteer projects have benefitted the Student Association specifically as most of the roles in the Student Association are volunteer opportunities, this does help to offer a more diverse range of opportunities and promote the real benefits of volunteering.  The Student Association created the post of Volunteer Officer, which was taken on as an additional role by one of our Vice Presidents who had been highly involved in the project from the start.  This enhanced the profile of Volunteering within the Student Association and amongst the student body.

The student association have been working hard to support students whilst at college and provide them with more than a qualification.  From this support, we have had a large response of students that have volunteered with us.  This has enabled many clubs to be established for students which include our ESOL club, Walking Club, LGBT Club, Volunteering project, which has an immediate impact.  Furthermore, students are working on how to make these clubs sustainable, so students can be trained each year and then run it the following year.

In addition, students have volunteered for external organisations and we celebrate this at the annual awards ceremony.

This has definitely increased the pool of volunteers for us and our volunteers are progressing within the Student Association.  A couple of examples of this are:  a Class rep from last year, assisted with the setup of the LGBT Club and will be taking over leading it next year.

Another student progressed significantly within the student association, initially; she assisted with promotion of volunteering, and then progressed into the role of Class Representative, assisting with the implementation of our new structure.  She is now become one of our Vice Presidents, bringing a raft of skills knowledge and experience to her role.  In addition,  she has advised she will run for elections again this and if she isn’t successful, she will volunteer in other capacities.

Another great example of this is another student who won student of the year last year in Hair and Beauty and then nominated herself for Vice President this year.  She would like to run for president for 2017/18.

Another excellent example is a business student who had a passion for archery, so the student association worked very closely with her to establish an Archery Club.  This has been highly successful.   We received an email just last week “Hi, Just to pass on that my prep students loved their experience of archery, they had a great laugh and said it was good fun. They are looking forward to attending on Thursday, Best wishes “


Healthy Body Healthy Mind Award

We are currently working on our Healthy Body Healthy Mind Award through NUS (National Union of Students)

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Awards have been a benchmark for educational institutions where physical exercise, mental wellbeing and healthy lifestyles are actively encouraged and supported as part of the overall student experience.

The West Lothian College Students Association is driven to support students on their journey, wherever that may take them in future. We already have amazing resources available and this year’s team are passionate about students and staff getting the most out of what exists already as well as creating inspiring campaigns to drive the general wellbeing of students and staff towards a healthier mental and physical lifestyle, prosperity and success.

Participating in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind awards is a fun and positive way to give structure to our campaigns and showcase what we can do as a Students Association and a College.