NUS (National Union of Students)

NUS Scotland: Students shaping the future

NUS Scotland represents around 500,000 students in Scotland through our member college and university students’ associations – your students’ union.

NUS works to promote, defend and extend the rights of students. Scotland’s students have become more politically engaged in recent years than ever before and we are working with our members across the country to create positive changes for students now and in the future.

Scotland’s student movement has made significant achievements in the past few years. We have proved that by working in partnership, we can make student voices heard. Together we have:

  • Campaigned for free education to be maintained in Scotland.
  • Worked as part of the Commission on Widening Access to advise the Scottish Government on progress to ensure more people from the poorest backgrounds get into university.
  • Campaigned to reverse £127 million worth of planned budget cuts to colleges.
  • Helped save Asylum and Refugee Officer and University of Strathclyde Student Lord Apetsi from deportation with our #SaveLord campaign.
  • Campaigned for a right to FE support, fairer HE support and improved mental health support during the Scottish elections, resulting in the Scottish Government committing to a full review.

Our previous campaigns to end apartheid, bring in votes at 16 and 17 and our fight for LGBT+ rights also show how the student movement has the power to change lives.

They couldn’t have achieved these fantastic wins without the help of students and their students’ associations. Getting involved in [insert name of students’ association] is a great way to meet new people, try out new activities and help to make positive changes for students at your college/university.

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