Severe Weather Guidelines

College Closure

During periods of adverse weather, West Lothian College will endeavour to remain open and will only close if weather conditions are too severe and/or if public transport routes to/from the College are badly disrupted. Normally, this will be due to exceptionally heavy snow.


Getting Information

The Senior Management Team will monitor weather conditions closely and will decide whether to remain open or not.

Updates and information will feature on the College website and local radio so please check for regular updates.

Class Management

Students are encouraged to follow the West Lothian College Twitter or Facebook pages to keep up-to-date.  Regular updates will be posted throughout the day.

College Students are expected to travel to College where it is safe to do so. It is up to the individual to judge whether their journey is likely to be safe or not.

Staff are encouraged to have a contingency plan in place through Moodle to allow students to keep progressing their studies during a period of closure.

Aside from the College website and social media channels, you may also find the following links useful: