Student Advice and Support Services

Student Advice and Support services aim to offer support by providing:

  • a place where Students can come with queries and enquiries
  • a channel for part-time students where they can request support
  • supporting Students with informal and formal college procedures/policies
  • supporting processes through expertise knowledge
  • offer financial support
  • offer appropriate representation and advice
  • support Students in order to provide feedback, for improvement purposes.

There is also a team to support Students who may be at risk of withdrawing from their course through a range of difficulties. This could be due to problems in class, with other learners, with lecturers or because of difficulties at home. This support can begin before you start your course to help you settle in, and can continue if you require it on a one to one basis or within class throughout the year.

It is recognised that some Students may experience personal difficulties during their time at College, such as homelessness, bereavement, changes to your mental or physical health, and issues with your confidence and self-esteem. A confidential service is available, where trained and experienced staff can offer you advice and support. Where appropriate and with your consent, you could be referred to an external agency for specialist support. We work with a range of support services who can provide specialist help and information. We are also happy to work alongside your lecturers or any other professional you are involved with, to ensure the best support possible is in place for you.

If you are struggling with any issues whilst you are at college or would just like to talk things through, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  If you need to speak to a member of this team they are located within Student Advice, in the main Street building.