West Lothian College Student Association is here to help you with all aspects of College life and provide you with practical, financial and emotional support. We are fully committed to providing high-quality provisions and services for learners who have any difficulties during their studies. We believe that inclusiveness is a fundamental principle and we are committed to widening access and participation for learners. 

There are many trained staff here to help you with a range of matters which include financial, emotional, course related, extra assistance and support with College work, Careers or College course advice and so much more.

This section provides advice on all aspects of College life. Should you feel that something is missing or you would like us to add something that is important, please contact the Student Association at any time.

We divide Advice into sections to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

In this section you can find help and advice on:

Support for Learning-Providing support to students who are having difficulties with the academic side of their courses.

UCAS Guide– The UCAS Student Guide contains essential information which will help you when applying to University.

Finance– This section is dedicated to providing you with help and advice on financial matters is available from the Student Funding Team.

Student Advice and Support Services– Student Advice and Support services staff aim to offer support by providing a place where Students can come with queries and enquiries.  This section will provide you with information on who is best to speak to, along with other facilities within the College.

Emotional Support- We can work with you to resolve any issues which are affecting your attendance and our Access and Support Service Leader, Lorna Jenkins can provide advice, guidance and support for personal issues.  West Lothian College believes that inclusiveness is a fundamental principle and philosophy, and is committed to widening access and participation for learners.  We have also included some self-help tools and information on mindfulness sessions.