Sparkle is the Student Association evaluation tool providing quantitative and qualitative data.

This tool supports Students in being able to provide feedback about their College experience.

We carry our SPARKLE in December and March each year

The Student Association is responsible for collating the data and issuing the information to all curriculum and service centres for continuous improvement purposes.

We then work in partnership in order to form a continuous improvement action plan.

We all want to ensure that Student feedback is at the forefront of decisions.

So what has been changed so far..

  • ATM installed
  • Contactless payments in the emeal café
  • IT infrastructure is being invested in
  • Student Emails have been created
  • Tool and equipment is being renewed
  • Free Soup and Roll for all Students
  • Induction is being revised for new and returning Students
  • You wanted access to learning support outside class times, so they are now available before classes and in the evening
  • Childcare is now paid during study weeks
  • We now have a Clean Air Campus
  • and much more….

Your feedback is important and Your Students Association do influence change!

If there is something that you love about College, tell us about it, or if you need a friendly ear or help with anything why not pop into the Student Association. We are here for you!Students should have childcare costs paid during the study week
Additional funding to support the payment of childcare during the study week.