LGBT History Month

The Student Association supported ‘Our Life in Scotland 2017 survey’ which was live through March 2017.   The survey helped to understand the current situation for LGBTI young people living in Scotland, and was a key tool to ensure LGBT Youth are able to meet their needs.  Their 2012 survey helped to influence politicians and policy makers to improve life for LGBT young people.

We supported the NUS National ‘Bin the Blood Ban’ campaign.

Did you know that various members of the LGBT+ community are being turned away from giving blood? This is not on the basis of their individual risk but as a result of a blanket ban. We think this practice is unfair and outdated and we want to do something about it. We want to Bin the Blood Ban.

For more informatiojn on the campaign please click here

If you would like to sign the petition please click here   (Petition closes 18 April 2017)