LGBT History Month

The Student Association is supporting LGBT History Month 2019

LGBT History Month takes place over the month of February annually with a number of events taking place across the country.

This year we are inspired by the theme for LGBT History Month 2019: CATALYST: 50 years of activism. This theme marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings in New York in 1969, and the birth of the modern Pride movement.

While we remember the people and events in the past that have kick-started the movement and brought about positive change for the LGBTI communities, we want to encourage you to be a CATALYST for change today and pledge your support for LGBTI equality.

You can support Purple Friday by following #LGBTCatalyst on social media and tagging others who you would like to encourage to also be a catalyst for LGBTI inclusion and equality.  For more information on how you can get involved please click here 

We are supporting LGBT History Month and are currently rolling out LGBT Training for Students, working towards our LGBT Charter and will promote a number of LGBT Heroes and events near you.

To find an event near you please click on this link  lgbt history month