I took the anti bullying pledge

Anti Bullying

November is Anti Bullying month, The Student Association have been working with Police Scotland and Stonewall; organised anti bullying and cyber bullying talks for over 200 students across College.  For the first time, Students who are based off site and evening Students will be involved in these sessions.  This is a great example of Cross College participation.  In addition, the Student Association are writing a proposal to the senior management team to incorporate the word bullying in the Student behaviour policy to emphasise that it is not an acceptable behaviour

Our Pledge.

Students of West Lothian College make a pledge to not use language that can be considered or interpreted as hate speech which includes offensive terms inciting racism, religion, sexism including homophobia and transphobia, and disability whilst in College and elsewhere.  We understand that using this language is unacceptable and will not be construed as banter or jokes.  By signing this pledge I commit to understanding what impact this may have on our students, staff and visitors and support anti bullying within West Lothian College.