YOU are a member of the Student Association

When you enrol on any West Lothian College course you became a member of West Lothian College Student Association as per information on your enrolment form.  Your membership enables you to have your say in how you shape your learning experience at West Lothian College and vote for the team who represent your views.

Your membership also enables you to apply for an NUS card which provides additional benefits and discounts to your College Student card.   We dont know why you would but, you can opt-out of your membership at any time by emailing StudentAssociation@west-lothian.ac.uk.

There are loads of ways to get involved with the Students Association.  We always have lots of amazing students driving our events, attending committee meetings and ensuring that all West Lothian College Students have the best College experience possible and some of these are paid roles!  We want you to all leave College with a qualification and so much more.

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