SA Testimonies

Your Student Association President- Jarmila Slodyczka 2016/17

Two years ago I began studying Preparation for Business Management; I was very scared that I would be unable to finish the course due to the language barrier as I am originally from The Czech Republic. I was studying ESOL for 3 years and I had finished my intermediate 2, but I wasn’t very confident about my English grammar. First year at college was much better than I expected, I had a great lecturer and he helped build my confidence to the point where I felt confident enough to volunteer to be a Class Rep. Being a class rep was a great opportunity to be involved with other students and learn more about the Student Association and be a part of the events that they held. In the end of my first year of study The Student Association was looking for candidates to apply for the roles of President and Vice.

President and once again my lecturer showed huge support giving me the courage to apply for the Vice President position. Every candidate has to prepare a campaign and as the voting system is democratic, only students are allowed to vote. I won the election and became Vice President! I could not believe it; I was so happy and excited

The role of Vice President was the best job I have ever had in my life! I was a part of great team and working alongside Micole our Development Officer was absolutely amazing. I learned a lot of new skills including public speaking which terrified me at first! However with the help of Micole I became a lot more confident speaking in public.

This year I won the election and became the President of the Student Association. I am very glad that I became a class rep two years ago as the opportunities the position has provided have been unbelievable!


Your Business and Creative Vice President Michael Allan

My name is Michael Allan and I am the Vice President for Business and Creative Centre. I am currently studying Level 5 Business and have been at West Lothian College as a Student since 2014. I started to become involved with the Student Association as a Class Representative and this allowed me to get more involved with the Student Association. I took part in the strategic planning and structural evaluation process which meant that Students were at the forefront of the decisions. When the opportunity came up at the end of term for me to run for the Vice President of Business and Creative Centre, I decided to run for the position and was successful. I am a very passionate person and have a drive for success and I believe I can bring these qualities to this position to support our Students and ensure that they have a great College experience. I also now sit on the Board of Governors alongside your Student Association President to represent your needs and views.


Your Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing Vice President Sarah Kerr

My name is Sarah Kerr; I am the Vice President of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. I am currently studying HND Beauty Therapy and have studied at WLC since my NC year in 2013. As a self-funding single mum I know first-hand the impact a difficult home life can have on a student. I wanted to become Vice President to represent Students and help to support as many as I can in a number of ways. I feel that everyone should have an amazing time while they study and I wanted to help students access all the facilities provided to achieve all that they can. I am also working on achieving a 5 Star Healthy Body Healthy Mind award for the Students, so watch this space!


Your Hospitality and Communities Vice President Katarzyna Kowalska

My name is Katarzyna Kowalska. I’m currently studying NC level 6 Professional Cookery. Last year I’ve finished C.&G. Level 1 introduction to professional cookery and I really enjoyed this course. I have been living in Scotland from over 11 years and speaking fluent English, but when I applied for college last year I had my doubts about how am I going to manage everything. Also as a mature student (I am 33 years old now) I wasn’t sure if college is the right place for me. Now I know it had been one of the best decisions ever.

During the semesters we had a chance to apply for Erasmus student exchange; I did apply and became one of the 8th lucky students. The exchange was to Spanish college in which we spent 2 weeks. I had fantastic culinary and cultural experience during these two weeks. I would definitely recommend this to apply for everybody, because we had a great time. Moreover at the end of my course I got awarded to be student of the year! That was something for me and I really worked hard for it. By the end of last academic year I became a much more confident person and well known by other students not only in my class, so when I knew about Vice President Election, I applied for it. I had my own campaign to let students know what the role is and what does student association do for everyone. I got lucky again and got elected as Vice President for hospitality and communities sector! So now I work for student association 5 hours a week and enjoy it very much so far.

Student Association is a great opportunity for us to gain confidence, learn something else and help other students. I would strongly recommend this, even to become a volunteer helper would be a great experience and also will look good on your CV.


Your Health and Social Care, Science and Social Science Vice President Angela Reilly

Hi I’m Angela, Vice President of Health and Social Care, Science and Social Sciences.

As a parent and mature student, I am very aware of the pressures student life can have. My time as V.P will be about the students and their experience at West Lothian College, highlighting the many opportunities available to all students. The Student Association has been a fantastic experience so far and I am very much looking forward to the year ahead.

I was class rep and Volunteer Officer in 2015/2016, just as the Student Association was in a new phase updating training and choosing their constitution and main objectives. I had the opportunity to be a part of the planning and attending meetings to deliver the new model of the Student Association to college staff. As well as having had the chance to take part in extra training opportunities; this was a massive boost to my personal development and skills giving me the confidence to put myself forward for Vice President.


Construction and Motor Vehicle Vice President James Wilson



Computing and Engineering Vice President Gary McDowall

I am the Vice-president of Computing and Engineering and I am currently study HND Networking. I decided to apply for the Vice President role because I kept looking around College and seeing things I felt I could improve but I was not sure how to put forward my opinion and ideas. I then heard about the Student Association and as I found out more I learned about what they do and how much it helps. I then saw that there was an advertisement for the role as vice president and decided I’d go for it. I now am able to put forward other student’s opinions and make important changes to improve their college experience. I also sit on the Equality Committee and represent the student opinion.


Childhood Practice Sport and Fitness Vice President Kieran Reid

I am the vice president for Sport and Fitness and Childcare. I have been a student at West Lothian College since 2013 and have enjoyed my experience here. I am currently attending the course of level 6 sports and fitness and enjoy my activities and learning arrangements involved in the course. The reason I wanted to be Vice president was due to the lack of help I have had over the years and wanted to help others in my own time who struggle on doing the course due to problems or the lack of teaching methods used. I saw my chance on helping others and want to help others gather the confidence and knowledge onto helping them help others like I have.